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Courses for Line dancing - Level 1, in the winter for adult at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre

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An energizing combination of ballet moves with an emphasis on posture and alignment. Develop lean muscle mass while improving your balance, flexibility, and range of motion.
  • Tue, 12:10 pm-12:50 pm, Jan 14-Mar 24, $77.50 1491872
    19 yrs+, 10 classes,   cancelled
Ballroom is the perfect exercise for your mind and body. Move to the rhythm as you learn the foxtrot, waltz, cha cha, triple swing and merengue. Register with a partner.
  • Tue, 7 pm-8 pm, Jan 14-Mar 24, $116.25 1491885
    19 yrs+, 10 classes,   cancelled
Broaden your skills in ballroom. New footwork and timing are introduced as you become familiar with the rumba and the samba. Register with a partner.
  • Tue, 8 pm-9 pm, Jan 14-Mar 24, $116.25 1491907
    19 yrs+, 10 classes,   cancelled
Learn to move to the Bollywood beat; a modern East Indian style of dance that will have your hips moving. Discover basic hip, leg and upper body choreography while you experience the wonders of middle-eastern glamour.
  • Sun, 11 am-noon, Jan 12-Mar 15, $116.25 1501767
    19 yrs+, 10 classes,   cancelled
Experience this unique combination of dance and drumming from Guinea, West Africa. Learn to move and play a rhythm in unison for a lively and physically powerful experience.
  • Thu, 7 pm-8:30 pm, Jan 23-Feb 27, $152.00 1494562
    19 yrs+, 6 classes,   cancelled
Dance Hawaiian style to Don Ho, Andy Williams, and Elvis Presley. Hawaiian arm movements help arthritic fingers. Sway in your style, standing or seated.
  • Fri, 7 pm-8 pm, Jan 24-Apr 3, $104.75 1494598
    19 yrs+, 9 classes,   Register >
Look forward to an exciting cardio workout that combines basic hip hop dance principals with a fresh choreographed routine. You'll be energized while learning how to pop, lock and bounce like a pro.
  • Tue, 7:45 pm-8:45 pm, Jan 21-Mar 31, $116.25 1494566
    19 yrs+, 10 classes,   cancelled
Basics of jazz dance will improve your co-ordination, strength, and flexibility through dance combinations set to popular music.
  • Sun, 9:30 am-10:15 am, Jan 19-Mar 15, $78.50 1500402
    19 yrs+, 9 classes,   cancelled
Learn a variety of line dances. No experience necessary. Dance for fun and get exercise as a bonus!
  • Thu, 10:30 am-11:30 am, Jan 23-Mar 12, $93.00 1494827
    19 yrs+, 8 classes,   cancelled
Note: this course was offered during the winter and is no longer available for registration. Please try the following searches:
* You Bet You Can Dance! during the spring 2020
* You Bet You Can Dance! during the summer 2020
Learn Broadway-style dance exploring choreography and performance styles. You bet you can dance!
  • Sat, 1 pm-4 pm, Feb 15, $61.00 1495061
    19 yrs+, 1 class,   cancelled
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