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Courses for Fitness, in the summer at the Hunt Club-Riverside Park C.C. with the first class starts between Jul 7 and Jul 13

Choreographed low-impact cardio class designed to overload the muscles with highly repetitive movements. Some light (1-5 lbs) hand weights might be used in the cardio and/or strength portion.
  • Tue, 9 am-10 am, Jul 9-Aug 27, $67.25 1430500
    18 yrs+, 8 classes,   Register >
Note: this course was offered during the summer and is no longer available for registration. Please try the following searches:
* Core Conditioning for Women during the fall 2019
* Core Conditioning for Women during the winter 2020
Muscle conditioning targeting core and stabilizer muscles. Strengthen and tone your abs, back, glutes as well as improve overall posture and balance.
  • Mon, 10:15 am-11:15 am, Jul 8-Aug 19, $50.50 1430511
    18 yrs+, 6 classes,   Register >
  • Thu, 10:15 am-11:15 am, Jul 11-Aug 22, $59.00 1430515
    18 yrs+, 7 classes,   Register >
Map location of Hunt Club-Riverside Park C.C.
Hunt Club-Riverside Park C.C.
3320 Paul Anka DR
(613) 260-1299