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Nepean Creative Arts Centre

Nepean Creative Arts Centre, courses for Dance for children in the spring

Move to the Bollywood beat - a modern East Indian style of dance. Discover basic hip, leg and upper body choreography while experiencing the wonders of middle-eastern glamour.
  • Sun, 10 am-11 am, Mar 29-May 31, $84.50 1524045
    6 yrs-8 yrs, 8 classes,   cancelled
  • Sun, 11 am-noon, Mar 29-May 31, $84.50 1524050
    9 yrs-12 yrs, 8 classes,   cancelled
A dance style that borrows from modern, ballet and jazz choreography. Study basic ballet and modern dance principles while advancing your steps. Uncover various moves, step combinations and new choreography. Create your own dance.
  • Fri, 6:30 pm-7:30 pm, Apr 17-May 29, $73.75 1524068
    11 yrs-14 yrs, 7 classes,   cancelled
Hip hop, with its roots in urban dance, gets you moving to funky, up-beat tunes. Work on strength, flexibility and musicality through intricate and fast paced choreography. Create dynamic, stylish moves just like in the latest music videos.
  • Sun, 10:15 am-11 am, Apr 5-Jun 14, $71.25 1524151
    5 yrs-8 yrs, 9 classes,   cancelled
  • Sun, 11 am-11:45 am, Apr 5-Jun 14, $71.25 1524154
    9 yrs-12 yrs, 9 classes,   cancelled
Emphasis on body placement, coordination and basic Jazz technique.
  • Sat, 9:45 am-10:45 am, Apr 4-Jun 13, $95.00 1524184
    6 yrs-9 yrs, 9 classes,   cancelled
High energy class that encourages rhythm, co-ordination, flexibility and execution. Introduction to different styles of jazz including theatrical, pop, and lyrical. Learn various moves, combinations of steps, and choreography.
  • Fri, 5:30 pm-6:30 pm, Apr 17-May 29, $66.50 1524198
    9 yrs-14 yrs, 7 classes,   cancelled
There is Irish/Scottish influence in this dance dating from the 1800s in the Ottawa Valley. Routines focus on footwork, rhythms, and musicality. Progress within the same level from session to session.
  • Mon, 6 pm-6:45 pm, Mar 30-Jun 1, $63.25 1524205
    6 yrs-10 yrs, 8 classes,   cancelled
Build on skills learned in Level 1
  • Mon, 6:45 pm-7:30 pm, Mar 30-Jun 1, $63.25 1524208
    8 yrs-12 yrs, 8 classes,   cancelled
This unique style of dance incorporates hip hop, break dancing, pop'n lock, and freestyle. Master the dance moves from each style in a fun and energetic class.
  • Tue, 6:15 pm-7 pm, Apr 7-May 26, $63.25 1524211
    6 yrs-8 yrs, 8 classes,   cancelled
  • Tue, 7 pm-7:45 pm, Apr 7-May 26, $63.25 1524213
    9 yrs-13 yrs, 8 classes,   cancelled
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Nepean Creative Arts Centre
35 Stafford RD
(613) 596-5783

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