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Senior Centres Overview

Seniors Centres

Churchill Seniors Centre
345 Richmond Rd.

Heron Seniors Centre
1480 Heron Rd.

Kanata Seniors Centre
2500 Campeau Dr.

Nepean Seniors Centre
1701 Woodroffe Ave.


Today's Drop-in Activities

  (Tue, Oct 23, 2018)
Churchill Seniors Centre8:30am-9:30amPick up Pickleball
Cancelled from Oct 23 to Oct 23 - Due to Floor Refinishing
Churchill Seniors Centre8:35am-3:30pmBilliards
Churchill Seniors Centre9:00am-10:30amWeight and Cardio Agility
Churchill Seniors Centre1:00pm-3:00pmBoard Games
Heron Seniors Centre1:00pm-4:00pmRummoli
Kanata Seniors Centre8:30am-4:00pmBilliards
Kanata Seniors Centre9:00am-11:30amInstructional Bridge
Kanata Seniors Centre1:00pm-3:00pmCanasta
Kanata Seniors Centre1:00pm-3:00pmCraft Group
Nepean Seniors Centre9:30am-10:30amWalking
Nepean Seniors Centre12:45pm-3:15pmEuchre
Nepean Seniors Centre1:00pm-3:00pmCarpet Bowling
Nepean Seniors Centre1:00pm-3:30pmCribbage