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Courses for Swimming, in the spring for adult at the Minto Recreation Complex - Barrhaven

A combination of Powerswim Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Instructor will develop workouts based on the program content and the needs of the group. Prerequisites: 18 years & ability to swim 75m nonstop. Due to physical distancing requirements, no physical manipulation will be completed by swim instructors.
  • Wed, 8 pm-9 pm, Apr 14-Jun 16, $293.50 1592006
    18 yrs+, 10 classes,   Register >
These lessons are designed to assist adults to overcome a fear of the water or master a skill. A certified instructor will work on a one to one basis. This is not an 'earn a badge' program.
  • Sun, 7:30 pm-8 pm, Apr 18-Jun 20, $359.50 1591990
    18 yrs+, 9 classes,   Register >
  • Sun, 7:30 pm-8 pm, Apr 18-Jun 20, $359.50 1591991
    18 yrs+, 9 classes,   Register >
Swimmers learn front and back float, front and back glide with kick, front swim for 10 metres, shallow water entries and exits, and deep-water activities (assisted).
  • Sun, 7 pm-7:45 pm, Apr 18-Jun 20, $198.25 1592007
    18 yrs+, 9 classes,   Register >
Swimmers learn back swim with shoulder roll, front and back crawl (15m), sitting dive, kneeling dive, stride dive and front dive, treading water, and swim a minimum distance of 25 metres.
  • Sun, 6:45 pm-7:30 pm, Apr 18-Jun 20, $198.25 1592008
    18 yrs+, 9 classes,   Register >
Map location of Minto Recreation Complex - Barrhaven
Minto Recreation Complex - Barrhaven
3500 Cambrian Drive
(613) 727-2683