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Aquatics Certification

Courses for Aquatics Certification, in the fall for youth at the Jules Morin Park

Prerequisite: National Lifeguard or Lifesaving Society Instructor (Swim or Lifesaving) certification; and 100 hours experience as a lifeguard and/or instructor. AST provides candidates with the knowledge that prepares them for the responsibilities associated with being aquatic supervisors, head guards and head instructors. Participants will learn provincial regulations, legal responsibilities, facility management, supervisory and communication skills and risk management.
  • Sun,Sat, 10 am-3:30 pm, Sep 11-Sep 12, $103.50 1601908
    16 yrs+, 2 classes,   Register >
The Examiner course is the first step in the three-step process to be certified as an Examiner for the Society, and it prepares candidates to successfully apprentice as an Examiner on the exam of their choice. The Examiner course builds on the evaluation experience that candidates have attained in instructor-evaluated awards and content.
  • Sun, 3:30 pm-9:30 pm, Nov 28, $36.50 1601903
    16 yrs+, 1 class,   Register >
Prepares candidates to teach up to and including Standard First Aid.
  • Tue,Sat, 5 pm-9 pm, Oct 12-Oct 23, $153.75 1601914
    16 yrs+, 3 classes,   Register >
Prerequisites: National Lifeguard certification (any option) and Lifesaving Instructor certification. After successful completion of the NLS Instructor course, participants are certified to teach all options of the National Lifeguard certification.
  • Tue,Sat, 5 pm-9 pm, Nov 23-Dec 4, $148.25 1601904
    16 yrs+, 3 classes,   Register >