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Sawmill Creek Pool and C.C.

Sawmill Creek Pool and C.C., courses for Aquatics Certification for youth in the fall

Prerequisites: Bronze Medallion Combined course that certifies participants in both Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid. Includes the principles of emergency procedures, teamwork, use of special equipment and comprehensive first aid and CPR training.
  • Sun, 3 pm-7 pm, Oct 16-Dec 18, $175.50 1627079
    15 yrs+, 10 classes,   Register >
Prerequisite: Bronze Star OR 13 years old by the date of the exam. Teaches lifesavers how to respond to complex water rescue situations. Develops physical fitness, decision-making and judgement skills in preparation for challenging rescues of increased risk. Candidates will develop stroke efficiency and endurance in a timed swim.
  • Sun, 3 pm-6 pm, Oct 16-Dec 18, $159.25 1627068
    15 yrs+, 10 classes,   Register >
Prepares instructors to teach and certify candidates in the Lifesaving Society's Aquatic Supervisor and Aquatic Management courses.
  • Sat,Sun, 9 am-5 pm, Nov 5-Nov 6, $153.75 1633745
    16 yrs+, 2 classes,   Register >
Prerequisite: National Lifeguard or Lifesaving Society Instructor (Swim or Lifesaving) certification; and 100 hours experience as a lifeguard and/or instructor. AST provides candidates with the knowledge that prepares them for the responsibilities associated with being aquatic supervisors, head guards and head instructors. Participants will learn provincial regulations, legal responsibilities, facility management, supervisory and communication skills and risk management.
  • Tue, 4 pm-9 pm, Nov 22-Nov 29, $110.75 1627062
    16 yrs+, 2 classes,   Register >
The Examiner course is the first step in the three-step process to become certified as an Examiner for the Lifesaving Society. The Examiner course prepares candidates to apprentice successfully as an Examiner on the exam of their choice, and it builds on the evaluation experience that candidates have attained in instructor-evaluated awards and content.
  • Thu, 6 pm-9 pm, Nov 10-Nov 17, $37.25 1627084
    16 yrs+, 2 classes,   Register >
Prerequisites: 15 years of age by the last day of the course and Bronze Cross. The Lifesaving and Emergency First Aid Instructor course prepares individuals to organize, plan, teach and evaluate lifesaving and first aid skills and resuscitation techniques in the Society's lifesaving and first aid awards. Progressively evaluated so 100% attendance is required. Manual required at extra cost.
  • Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri, 1 pm-6 pm, Jan 2-Jan 6, $133.25 1627099
    15 yrs+, 5 classes,   Register >
Prepares candidates to teach and evaluate levels within the Lifesaving Swim program. Content includes teaching methods, learning styles, progressions, safety supervision, lesson planning and providing effective feedback. Progressively evaluated, so 100% attendance is required. Manual required at extra cost. Required for employment with City of Ottawa Aquatics.
  • Wed, 4 pm-9 pm, Nov 16-Dec 14, $136.00 1634825
    15 yrs+, 5 classes,   Register >
Prerequisites: National Lifeguard certification (any option), Lifesaving Instructor certification After successful completion of the NLS Instructor course, participants are certified to teach all options of the National Lifeguard certification.
  • Sun, noon-8 pm, Nov 13-Nov 20, $151.25 1627135
    16 yrs+, 2 classes,   Register >
Prerequisite: National Lifeguard certification Designed to test the lifeguarding skills and knowledge in order to maintain current certification at the National Lifeguard level.
Prerequisites: 15 years of age by the last day of the course, proof of completion for Water Safety Instructor Part 1 - including; stroke and skill evaluation form signed off, online workbook completed and 8 hours teaching experience signed off with completed teaching experience journal. Further prepares candidates to instruct the Red Cross Swim programs. Focus will be on strategies to introduce and develop swimming and water safety skills and ensure candidates fully comprehend the content, standards and expectations of each level. Includes classroom and pool sessions as well as the adapted aquatic module to meet the hiring requirements for City of Ottawa Aquatic Staff. 100% attendance is required.
  • Wed, 4 pm-9 pm, Oct 5-Nov 9, $215.00 1634824
    15 yrs+, 6 classes,   cancelled
Map location of Sawmill Creek Pool and C.C.
Sawmill Creek Pool and C.C.
3380 D'Aoust
Ottawa, ON

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